Superpowers and The new Advance Care Directives Act 2013 (SA)


Just revisiting an old post after listening to a great podcast – ‘The Good GP‘. It got me thinking. We know that General Practice is a good thing and reduces hospitalization rates (and hence healthcare costs) – but how can we measure this in our own practices? 

Professor Barbara Starfield’s work clearly demonstrates that countries with a strong GP-centred system have much better health outcomes than countries that don’t. 

Maybe utilization of Advance Care Directives could be part of this?

Read on!

We have all wished for superpowers – I know I have! Flying, changing the past, and predicting the future would all be fantastic abilities to have. I can’t promise the ability to fly, nor can I give you last weeks winning Lotto numbers prior to last weeks draw. However, I can predict the future for you. At some point in the future, all of us will be unable to make decisions for ourselves. We may be unlucky enough to be in an accident, have a severe illness, or we may just be facing the final stages of a long life well lived, but the time will come. I was lucky enough to hear Dr Chris Moy speak eloquently on some changes to the law here in South Australia that will give all of us the power to have decisions made for us, according to our wishes, if we cannot express them at the time.

Why is this important?

This is why.

From SA Health:

From 1 July there will be a clear decision-making framework and new protections for health practitioners when they find themselves in the difficult position of trying to determine what someone in their care might want, at a time when their patient’s ability to make decisions is impaired.

Plan Ahead

The new Advance Care Directive Form replaces the existing Medical Power of Attorney, Anticipatory Direction and Enduring Power of Guardianship with a single Advance Care Directive Form (however any of these existing forms will continue to have legal effect post 1 July 2014).

The Advance Care Directive Form allows individuals to appoint substitute decision-makers and/or to clearly document their values, wishes and instructions with respect to their future health care, living arrangements and other personal matters.

Make the Decisions They would want!

You can find the form here:

And you can find some further information here:

Or you can complete it online here:

Use your new power wisely!

Remember, if you have any questions, ask Your GP!

We can Help


From David Coluccio of Senexus Aged Care Solutions!

Hi there, 
Kind regards, David

What are the costs of aged care?

Read here and any questions? Partridge Street General Practice are Here

Some further reading on end of life care!


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