The Australian PCEHR: Success or failure?

This has been a disastrous waste of money from the start where the government’s reach has exceeded it’s grasp. Huge amounts of other people’s money have been used to create…what? More problems!

What do clinicians and patients want? Did they ask? Did they care?

Fail. Defund it, liquidate it, sell it off to a private enterprise that may be able to make some use of it.

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PCEHR: Success or failure?

Call me naive, but I was hoping that somewhere in Australia IT-people would be working day and night to fix the PCEHR, based on the abundant feedback from doctors and consumers. I had a rude awakening when I read this article in Australian Doctor Magazine: PCEHR: Patients may see test results before GP.

Sorry? Diagnostic imaging & pathology results may be uploaded to someone’s eHealth record, before they have been reviewed by or discussed with the requesting doctor? This doesn’t sound like an improvement. Worse, it flies in the face of the 2014 PCEHR review recommendations to make the system ‘more usable, and able to deliver meaningful use.’

So where are we at with the PCEHR? I asked four leaders in the field about their thoughts: Has it been a success or a failure? Can it still be improved and if so, how?

Let’s get the basics right first:…

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