This is why I will not use the PCEHR

I think I can confidently say that I will be following Dr Kruys’ lead on this issue. Very disappointing.



That’s what I wrote 2 years ago. Since then GPs have had multiple pushes and pulls towards the Patient Controlled E-Health Record. What’s happened? See below.



Reach exceeds Grasp




Watch this space. Why would such a system exist if doctors, hospitals, and patients are not enthusiastic about it?



Here is the Value for Others in Your Health Record



In the meantime, Partridge Street General Practice will continue to provide You Excellent Care via Your GPs.


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This is why I will not use the PCEHR

Karen Dearne, freelance journalist and former e-health writer for The Australian, has produced a review of the PCEHR, on behalf of the Consumers e-Health Alliance.

The conclusion is disappointing: It appears that the government has been successful in uploading non-clinical documents about users, but otherwise our expensive national e-health record system seems to be in a pilot stage.

The full document can be downloaded here. Below are a few quotes from the report.

The numbers are telling

“After two years and more than $1 billion in costs, only 26,332 shared health summaries have been uploaded by doctors to the troubled Personally Controlled e-Health Record system.

While the Department of Health and the National e-Health Transition Authority trumpet their ‘success’ in signing up 1.7 million Australians to date, the truth is that the system holds a mere 288,368 clinically useful documents.

Obviously, if every person who had registered had just one

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