Top Australian GP Bloggers 2015

Very proud to make the list – but certainly bringing up the rear in such auspicious company!

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Top Australian GP Bloggers 2015

If you enjoy reading health blogs and you’re looking for great & reliable medical sites – look no further! The 2015 list of Top Australian GP Bloggers contains some pretty amazing Family Medicine blogs with many new and upcoming writers.

In previous years I have listed the sites alphabetically, but this year I thought I’d categorise them as follows:

  1. Lifestyle tips
  2. Doctor’s diary & storytelling
  3. Medical education
  4. Patient information
  5. Healthcare, innovation and health politics

Each blog mention contains a brief description and/or quote taken from the ‘about’ section of that blog. Enjoy!

AMA Family Doctor Week 2015

1. Lifestyle tips

‘Lean Green and Healthy.’ By Dr Lyndal Parker-Newlyn Top blog: ‘Lean Green and Healthy.’ By Dr Lyndal Parker-Newlyn

‘Lean Green and Healthy.’ By Dr Lyndal Parker-Newlyn

Healthy eating, exercise and weight loss ideas, motivation and support. No scams or fads – just a sensible lifestyle approach. A great blog offering healthy tips, news, information and inspiration.

‘Eat move chill.’ By Dr Kevin Yong

On his blog Dr…

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