GPs, MPs, and BS: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Today I read another great piece from Dr Edwin Kruys (here) about revalidation of doctors, specifically GPs. I won’t repeat his points as he has made them very eloquently but I will add a few of my own. The public don’t seem to be clamouring for revalidation of doctors. They don’t seem to be particularly worried about their GPs taking advantage of the system. They do, however, seem to be worried about politicians’ incompetence and rorting.




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So, if, as Edwin writes, only 1.5% of GPs are doing the wrong thing, and the public is not too concerned about this, and the watchmen – the politicians and their ilk – are performing at much lower standards of probity, how is revalidation going to help?



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The joys of pay for performance

Privacy. We’re beaten over the head with it daily. Don’t use unsecure email. Don’t divulge data to third parties. Don’t breach the privacy of doctor shoppers, prescription drug abusers, or violent patients. The big stick of million dollar fines awaits.

However, the elephant in the room is Government. It wants to be there for your smear, there for your tears, there in your private moments. Centrelink employees make the news each year by breaching privacy laws with little or no compensation for those affected.

Get the Government out of the consult room. Talk to your patients and give them care and value. It’s better all round.

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