Winter Is Coming but it does Snot mean Antibiotics

The sun is hiding for more of the day and our noses are running more than our feet. Does this mean a trip to the GP for antibiotics?

The excellent Dr Michael Tam, from the UNSW School of Public Health and Community Medicine, says no. 

“The presence of green snot … does not indicate that you need antibiotics,” Dr Tam said. “Green nasal discharge is most commonly due to a viral infection of the nasal mucosa — basically, the common cold.”

So relax, get your sleep, wash your hands, cover your mouth when coughing, eat well, and avoid those little 💊💊💊 whenever possible.

If you still need to see a GP, we’re here at Partridge Street General Practice. Say hi anytime!

Data Mining – update! Government sells women’s data to private company.

We now have the worst of both worlds! Government, the biggest game in town, has SOLD women’s health data to a private company…where has your privacy gone? 

A recent data mining study has suggested a link between heart attacks and popular (and widely prescribed) anti-reflux medication. It’s just an association, and my thoughts are here. The giant…

Source: Data Mining – update! Government sells women’s data to private company.