5 Things about Winter Colds



Winter is Coming! Everyone has a sniffle and they all want to give it to you. Why?



  • Colds are more likely in Winter. The cold temperature seems to affect your immune system, making it more likely that you’ll suffer more viruses you might otherwise brush off.


  • That snotty cough doesn’t always require antibiotics! Read more here.



  • Have you had your flu shot yet? It’s especially recommended for those at risk. Check with our practice nurses here.




  • Viruses can be spread by fomites (objects or materials which are likely to carry infection, such as clothes, utensils, and furniture) and direct contact…disinfect your hands, cover your mouth when coughing, and stay away from work if you’re unwell.


  • See your GP if you need to. If you’re feeling more unwell than you think you should, if you’re not getting better, or if you’re worried, the Good GP is here to help.



Get well soon or better still, don’t get unwell in the first place! How can you get healthier? Come in and find out…

Dr Gareth Boucher


Dr Monika Moy


Dr Katherine Astill


Dr Penny Massy-Westropp 


Dr Nick Mouktaroudis


Dr Nick Tellis



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