We told you so: Ignoring primary care is never a good idea

Let’s spend the health dollar a little better.

Here’s a thought. Only those who have a FRACGP or FACRRM should be able to access the VR item numbers – which are
3, 23, 36, 44, 721, 723, 732, 900, 903, 2712, 2715, 2717, 2713, 597, 599 and all of the home/nursing home equivalents (5003 etc). Registrars may only access the VR numbers when in an accredited training program in accredited practices during training time. 10% of the savings from this to be paid via the PIP to teaching practices, 90% of savings to be put towards increasing the level B VRGP rebate.

What do you think?

Doctor's Bag


Last night’s undecided election results raise many questions – and doctors will say: we told you so.

Family doctors have made it very clear during the lead-up to the federal election that it’s crucial for governments to invest in primary care to keep Australians well and out of hospital.

But not only that, during the longest election campaign in Australia’s history, GPs around the country have had discussions with millions of patients about the future of their healthcare.

Looking at the outcome of the election night, it seems that voters have taken the message to the polling booths.

Wealth should not affect our health

The day after the federal election date was announced, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) launched the You’ve been targeted campaign, warning people about the looming higher out-of-pocket costs, which have already become a reality.

The aim of the campaign was not to increase health corporate profits or fill…

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