Return of the Carb (Week Three)

It’s been a tough week. My holidays finished and I returned to work, full of ideas and energy. However, plans rarely survive their first meeting with reality and some carbs crept back in…

My preciousssss….

My eggs sat in the fridge while I snuck away for a secret rendezvous with forbidden carbs. A few illicit meals later and the carbs had stolen my energy away. I fought back and vanquished the carbs with a little overeating…

not quite this bad…
As the end of the week approached, I got back into low carb mode, and gave myself a boost by getting back into some exercise. A run and 3 tonnes of weights later and I’m back on track!

The Run I Needed

I’m looking forward to the upcoming week (you can see previous weeks here and here) and this will be the week where the rubber hits the road. Yes, I will be posting some weight and body composition details! 

Big things are coming
If you liked this, see you next week or earlier at Partridge Street General Practice – book in right here

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