PokemonGP (Technology and Nostalgia)

I have no idea what this is

Nostalgia. It’s a wonderful thing, a good feeling about something from the past. It comes from two Greek words, the words for ‘homecoming’ and ‘ache’. It’s very powerful. Nintendo have recently conquered the social media world with PokemonGO. They have taken the technology of Augmented Reality and multiplied it by the power of Nostalgia and added $7.5 BILLION to their net worth. Our politicians could learn a thing or two from that!

Moseley Square Glenelg – Pokemon trainers in the cold

What can GPs learn from this? People used to feel good about their family doctors. Their doctor knew them and their family and spoke to them and for them. That nostalgia is powerful too. 

Your GP

Partridge Street General Practice has recently improved our technology. We’ve upgraded our medical software and will soon be able to text our valued patients. You can contact us online and even book your appointment from your mobile phone anywhere in the world. OurGPs have access to the latest medical resources online. The future is here now
Two hairy Pokemons

We’re nostalgic too. We remember when people trusted their family GP and that’s what we’re about at Partridge Street General Practice. Your GP and Your Practice. Come and catch us! Don’t miss out!
Radiologist misses Pokemon!

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