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It’s the last day of Winter and Jetty Road is gearing up for a big summer. Partridge Street General Practice is doing the same, with plenty of exciting things in the works:

new doctors

– running in the City to Bay

– some renovations

– more Great care for our Great Patients!

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Have a Great Summer and remember:

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BOLT-ing along with LCHF in Week 7

Welcome to my latest update! My energy levels are good and I’m continuing to lean out as the home stretch begins. The training is going well. I’ve settled into a routine of three regular weights sessions a week, a couple of runs, lots of walking, and the occasional extra gym catch up. It sounds like a lot of work but what it really means is that I work hard, feel good, sleep well, and still have a social life.

good healthy food

I’ve got a month to go until #citytobay16 so I thought I would get over to Torrens Parkrun. Parkrun is a great initiative, run by volunteers, where you have a timed 5km run over a marked course. Perfect for  measuring progress.

the course

Here’s one I prepared earlier:

24.19 for 5kms in 2014

I’ll reveal how I went – later in the week!

faster…but how much faster

In the meantime, see where I’ve been:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

I’ll be at Partridge Street General Practice but I’ll also be at a GPEx GP Supervisor’s meeting this week. Remember, we’re proud to be a teaching practice!

See you later in the week (follow here and here)

not low carb at all


My time for Saturday…see below! I’ll go faster this week ⚡️🏃⚡️

Getting faster!

Your Best Health Insurance is Your GP

From ‘The Colour of Magic’, Terry Pratchett
Risks come at us everyday in our personal and professional lives. We do our best to avoid them but more often we protect ourselves with insurance. We accept that life involves risk. Risk happens!

‘Life is a risky business, no-one gets out alive’

Health concerns all of us to some degree and we try to improve our health or at least to manage it. Some risks are foreseeable but some are not. These drive our uptake of health insurance. Health insurance is therefore a bit of a ‘grudge purchase’ – we don’t really want to buy it but we don’t want to do without it. Is it worth the money we pay for it? Some high profile voices say no

Dr Gannon, AMA President
Dr Seidel, RACGP President
Your health is your wealth, as the saying goes, and you build wealth by spending wisely. Your GP can be a great ally in navigating through the health system, a great support for you in times of need, and a great investment in your health. 

Partridge Street General Practice exists to empower you to make your best health decisions. We pride ourselves on great communication and we’re ready to share our professional skills and knowledge with you. 

Better, for you. 

Working with you
You can meet our great team right here

Partridge Street General Practice is a Team working for You

It’s another busy week at Partridge Street General Practice working hard for our valued patients. Drs Nick Tellis and Nick Mouktaroudis have now been here since January 2014!






We at Partridge Street General Practice work as a Team and we’d like to introduce our New Practice Nurse – Ms Bev Gregg!


bev gregg new practice nurse at partridge street general practice



She brings a wealth of experience to the role as a Registered Nurse with special interests and skills in:


Chronic Disease Management and Care Planning



Nurse Education


File_000 (2)



So remember, we’re all here to help You.  Drs Nick Tellis and Nick Mouktaroudis will be there behind the scenes and whenever they’re needed to continue and support the great high quality care Partridge Street General Practice is known for.



Dr Gareth Boucher

Dr Penny Massy-Westropp

Dr Monika Moy

Dr Katherine Astill

Dr Nick Mouktaroudis

Dr Nick Tellis

GOLD! LCHF Performance #carbexit week 6

When I was a child I played cricket in the backyard. Great times and great cricket – back in the day. ‘Autowickie’, ‘new bowler’, and ‘six and out’ were heard loudly and often. So was ‘eat your potatoes’! 

The Joy of Six

It’s the present day and both potatoes and ‘six and out’ are things of the past. Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) is here and my visceral fat is on the run. So am I. Half the deal was getting my weight down but the other half was getting my performance up. It’s six weeks in and I am not out. 

The Start

Keep watching to see how it goes. See where I’ve come from here:

Where it all started

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Where am I now? Right here

Chris Hooper from @Accodex speaks to quality and passion

All of what you’ve read above is what I do in my spare time. My passion is Partridge Street General Practice

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