City to Bay 2016

What a day! I had a great run and I’m not going to even mention all the eating I did afterwards!

Huge congratulations to:

Dr Martin Davey from Rose Street General Practice who was the fastest GP from Glenelg – 57.31 – magnificent effort!

Martin – you Legend!

Dr Jennie Wright, for running a great time, but mostly for getting us all organised and setting up the fundraising for Zaidi Ya Dreams (donate here). 

Dr Lane Hinchcliffe for running the full 12kms after breaking his leg in 2015 (I won’t post his selfie here…I will release it for the right amount to charity 😉)

To Bayside Family Musculoskeletal Practice and The Health Hub for the fastest male and female runners respectively!

And finally to the awesome team at Partridge Street General Practice who walked, cooked, prepared, fundraised, and supported our patients (and me!) for far more than 12kms in September!!

This week, we’re all back to work – and looking forward to bigger and better things to come in 2016 and beyond!

Bookings here

And here’s what’s coming…

Bigger and Better

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