R U OK? Join the team at Partridge Street General Practice!

It’s a great time to be a GP in Australia at the moment. We live in an affluent First World country with good social services and welfare and a strong public health safety net. It’s peaceful, spacious, and even the winter cold feels good after the warm summer! 

Sunny Glenelg

It’s also easy to focus on the challenges of being a GP in Australia at the moment. Medicare rebates are frozen, the system is not perfect, politicians and big business seem to have GPs in their sights, and our patients still have high expectations of us. Where there are challenges there are opportunities and I think that GPs can and will step up to find solutions and thrive. 


Partridge Street General Practice is a General Practice with an established patient base in a beautiful old house close to Adelaide’s famous Glenelg Beach. It’s a diverse area, with old and young and everyone in between, as well as tourists and travellers, especially when that sun comes out! We provide professional, empowering, comprehensive primary health care to this area and we think this is a pretty awesome challenge. 

Here to Help

We’re meeting this challenge by recruiting great GPs who want to do great work in our great practice. We offer:
😀 Healthy work-life balance
😀 Practice in one of the most beautiful parts of South Australia
😀 SA owned and operated Clinic with a Great Team
😀 Plenty of Patients
😀 A strong Teaching Focus

Teaching is in our DNA

Our practice is fully computerised and as paperless as we can make it, AGPAL accredited, with a strong teaching ethos supported by a great nursing team who assist with Chronic Disease Management and Treatment room duties. Our team delivers an efficient and friendly medical service to our patients and our GPs.
Partridge Street General Practice is a mixed billing practice with bulk billed and private accounts for services. This allows 15 minute appointments as a base. We’re proud to offer the time for:

😀 Women’s Health, Mirenas, and Implanons
😀 Mental Health Care and Counseling 
😀 Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery
😀 Travel Medicine and Immunisations
😀 Iron Infusions

Our Nurses, Cheryl and Jeanette – part of a great team!

Our patients will be as important to you as they are to us, they are the foundation and the focus of Partridge Street General Practice!  

Be part of the future here at Partridge Street General Practice. Enjoy the autonomy of private practice while retaining the collegiality and teaching ethos that is so important to all of us. R U OK…or could you be Better? 
Email drnicktellis@gmail.com or pop in to have a coffee and a chat!

Service with a Smile

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