3 Free Tips for 2017 – A New You with Partridge Street General Practice!

The time for New Year’s Resolutions is here. Imagine instantly feeling better and healthier in 2017 with these Three Free Tips from Partridge Street General Practice!

Lose Weight




There is an Easy way to lose your excess weight. Move more, eat less, and eat better. I Guarantee Everyone will have some success with these methods!


First, set some movement goals every day. Ten thousand steps is a good start. Your smart phone will track this for you with no other expensive device required. Your next step is 25-45 minutes of activity that makes you sweat, 3-5 times a week.


Second, Get Rid of Sugar. You’ll eat less and you’ll eat better. Just Do It.






Quit Smoking


There is one question I ask of people who want to Stop Smoking.

‘Do you like Smoking?’

Think About It.

Then Imagine Not Smoking.

We are Here to Help You Now!





Feel Better Instantly


You are the Youngest you’ll ever be and You have the Most Time you’ll ever have. Invest that Time wisely. Be Grateful. See your Friends and Family (including your Fur Family 😎 ) who make You Feel great! Live your life actively and intentionally. We live in a fantastic time and all things are possible, make the most of it.





Partridge Street General Practice is Here to Help You achieve your Health Goals in 2017. Feel Healthier, Feel Better – see us Here!



8 thoughts on “3 Free Tips for 2017 – A New You with Partridge Street General Practice!

  1. Great post. I think that giving up sugar is important, and for many that means giving up bottled fruit juice, too. Looks healthy, really isn’t. One extension I’d add as a healthy resolution is learn to read food labels, too. A great example is that a tin of beans I saw this evening, in an Adelaide supermarket, contained sugar. It also contained multiple additives that were unnecessary. Often, finding foods that are less modified (i.e. fewer unnecessary additives) can contribute enormously to wellness. The challenge is finding someone to teach you how to read the labels, and then coaching yourself to make the time. 🙂

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