No time for exercise? Think again!

Get walking, running, or just moving!

10000 steps a day.
25-45 minutes of doing something that makes you sweat, 3-5 times a week.
Move! ūüėÄ


One minute's exercise Time of your life
Photo by Toby Bradbury

THIS message is for adults who always seem too busy to exercise. The mum who sits at work all week, then sits in the car delivering children to events on the weekend. The middle-aged man who drives to the local shop because he’s in a hurry and the walk makes him tired.

At this week’s IPC Journal Club, my GP colleague Rockley Boothroyd mentioned a brief vignette which inspired a simple literature search, which led to a profoundly useful conclusion.

The information we discovered is not new, but in my 25 years of medical reading, I have never heard it expressed as such an elegantly simple take-home message.

The message is this:

Every minute of exercise you do as an adult gains you seven minutes of life.

Or, to put it another way:

If you don’t have time in your life to exercise, you won’t have time in your life.

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