Care to Plan, Plan to Care

Whichever way you look at it, there is a great little health precinct on Partridge Street! Let us work together to Help You. Care Plans, Team Care Arrangements, Health Assessments, and Mental Health Care Plans may allow You to receive Medicare Rebates for Great Care from Our Team.



Read more here:


PSGP GP Management Plan Information Sheet


PSGP Health Assessment Information Sheet




Your GPs, providing great General Practice Care:



Partridge Street General Practice sign


Dr Gareth Boucher



Dr Penny Massy-Westropp

Dr Monika Moy

Dr Katherine Astill

Dr Nick Mouktaroudis

Dr Nick Tellis


Great Physiotherapists at Aspire Physiotherapy and Pilates – Sally, Alex, Bret, and Monique


A Great Dietician and Diabetic Nurse Educator – Helen at Family Nutrition and Diabetes Services


A Great Podiatrist – Ryan at Sense Podiatry


A Great Psychologist – Dr Amber Keast


Add Great Nurses at Partridge Street General Practice and all the other Allied Health Services and We have a Great Team to Help You!



bev gregg new practice nurse at partridge street general practice
Bev Gregg – Our New Practice Nurse at Partridge Street General Practice


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