The Straight Dope on Dope

The first two commercial shipments of medicinal cannabis products to be legally imported to Australia have arrived in Melbourne and Perth, following action taken by the Australian Government. Patients have expressed interest in this and so here is what we know:



It’s going to be complicated!

You’re thinking this…






But it’s more like this:



medical marijuana pathway

Link here: SA_Cannabis_Pathway_Overview

What do the professionals think?

The Royal College Of General Practitioners is not keen – RACGP-position-on-medical-cannabis

The evidence is not great:


indications for medical cannabis



So, in summary, it’s not easy!

However, if you have ANY questions – See Your GP! If you have chronic pain, epilepsy, depression, or ANY of the conditions listed above – Our Team can Help You.



You can see any of our Great GPs right here:

Dr Nick Tellis

Dr Nick Mouktaroudis

Dr Ali Waddell

Dr Gareth Boucher

Dr Emmy Bauer


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