Talk to Your GP

​Not so long ago it was quite hard to contact Your GP. You had to phone the practice to make an appointment (some waiting), come to the practice (more waiting), and then sit in the waiting room (more waiting). We live in an instant world and we seek convenience. How can technology give you more of what you want while Your GP gives you more of what you need? Try this!






More and more of our valued patients are choosing to book online but You can still call Partridge Street General Practice and we’re always happy to talk to you. You can also email us or contact us here for non-urgent inquiries, remembering that email is not a secure form of communication.




Imagine if you could ask some simple questions of Your GP, without waiting on the phone or sitting in the waiting room. Simple questions that have been asked of me in the past:




When should I come in to see you next?

I lost my script, what do I do?

I was discharged from hospital, what next?




We never want to lose the doctor patient relationship in General Practice. It’s the most valuable part (and the most rewarding part) of our vocation and service as GPs. If we can add to it, by improving communication before a face to face consult, I think we can strengthen this. We have a trial project with free access to a secure app where you can speak with me (not Facebook!). It’s not for urgent consultations! It’s free to sign up – you only pay if you use it.

Have a look here!



dr nick tellis talk to me facebook your gp
Talk to Your GP





What do you think – tell me here (or on the app!) about what you think. Is this part of the future? Too soon? Not what you want? Let me know. In the meantime, we’re all still here for you at Partridge Street General Practice, face to face, IRL 😎




Your GPs at Partridge Street General Practice



Dr Gareth Boucher

Dr Penny Massy-Westropp

Dr Monika Moy

Dr Katherine Astill

Dr Nick Mouktaroudis

Dr Nick Tellis



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