Lemons and Lemonade

We live in an age of wonders. Generations past would be amazed by the ease of travel, free information, and the standard of living enjoyed by the majority of the Western world. One of these wonders is Modern Medicine and part of that is medications. We are privileged to live in a time when cancer can be cured, fatal diseases are controlled, and previously life curtailing conditions can be managed.



‘Nothing is all good and nothing is all bad’ is something I heard from a trusted friend. Does this apply to medications? General Practitioners are Your Specialist Generalists – we do a LOT more than just prescribe medications! Read on.





Lemon: This blockbuster drug was supposed to deliver us all from pandemic flu. The Australian government stockpiled it at a cost of many millions. It will expire before we do. It promised the world but perhaps shortened the duration of symptoms by not much.


Lemonade: Get a yearly influenza vaccine and if you’re unlucky enough to still get the flu – rest, fluids, paracetamol, and see Your GP if you’re not improving as you think you should.






Lemon: Life expectancy increases every year and so do our expectations of our older age. This drug promised an end to Alzheimer’s, later downgraded to ‘it may delay the rate of the decline in your mental abilities’. How would we know if it worked? What would have the rate of decline been without this drug?


donepezil lemon


Lemonade: Save your money and try some alternatives without side effects. Keep your mind and body as healthy as possible for as long as possible with diet, exercise, rest, and the support of family, friends, and Your GP. Should age related decline set in, there are many supports you can access – check out My Aged Care. Medications can play a role – ask! Also, if you are on this medication, or considering it – have a look here…



achi yes or no






Lemon: This drug has been available over the counter at pharmacies for many years. Evidence shows that products with low dose codeine are no more effective than products without for pain relief and so the regulatory authorities have recommended it be rescheduled to prescription only from February 2018. This will be a big change for the community – some of whom will have been taking large amounts of this drug on a regular basis.



codeine lemon



Lemonade: Partridge Street General Practice is proud to be a low prescribing practice and especially of this drug. Our advice is to see us for advice on alternatives and non drug alternatives in particular.




Need more information? Have you any other lemonade thoughts? Leave a comment or see us in person. We’re Here to Help!







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