Helpful hint to make your GP consultation run smoother #1

Great tips – Dr Raines from Health on Central 👍

Mark Raines

Symptoms of a urinary tract infection can include needing to pee a lot more than normal (frequency), stinging or burning when you do (dysuria), seeing spots of blood in your urine (haematuria), have belly or lower back pain and having a fever.


If you arrive early or are waiting for your doctor, please ask to see the clinic nurse to get a clean-catch urine specimen.

It may sound like I am may be telling you to “suck eggs” but if a urine specimen is contaminated by skin cells it the laboratory may report the presence of bacteria there were never in your urine. This may lead to unnecessary use of antibiotics and all its attended problems and cost.

For women
Open the sterile jar and hold it in one hand. Sit on the toilet with your legs wide apart. Use the fingers of your other hand to hold your labia…

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