A brave new frontier for medical consent

Dr Thinus identifying some issues with the governments’MyHR…

Dr Thinus' musings

It has been fascinating to watch the issues surrounding the My Health Record evolve.

Longstanding readers of my blog would know that I have had a bee in my bonnet for many years about informed consent to participating in the My Health Record system

The system is designed so that users can control the access to their confidential records and how they are notified when someone accesses their records. The scary reality is that less than one percent of the nearly six million people who have a My Health Record had accessed that section of their files to activate these controls & notifications.

And yes, you read correctly, they need to be activated as they are switched off in the default mode.

This is even more relevant with the pending start of the change to an opt-out system which will see at least 95% (or more) of Australians end up…

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