When elephants fight – Dr Nick Tellis

Thanks Edwin! Look forward to seeing where this goes 👍🏼


Partridge Street General Practice is there for grassroots GPs. If you want to be supported as a great GP – we are here!


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‘When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers’ ~ Ancient proverb of the Kenyan Kikuyu people

General Practice is a fantastic vocation. It demands sacrifice and many of the rewards are not financial. It attracts some of the smartest and finest people I know and I have never regretted making it my vocation.

The lot of a General Practitioner can be a challenging one, happening behind closed doors, one-on-one with our valued patients. Who can speak to these experiences? Many GPs, many voices, many organisations with many letters. It would be a great day to see unity among these voices to better represent grassroots GPs.

I look forward to BridgeBuilders being one of the places where we can come together and discuss some of the big issues facing our noble vocation and valued patients.

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