Alternative…Patients – #kickback edition

Thanks George Forgan-Smith 😉



It’s the week after the RACGP AKT and KFP exams for some and before a busy week for others. You may be a little flat and the world may seem a bit chaotic at the moment so I thought I’d take a minute to remind us all of how good we have it in Australian General Practice.


What are some of the little things your patients have done for you? (#kickbacks 8-)) These are three that come to mind for me:




Sugar free, too 👍👍👍




When the person I squeezed in for an appointment because they were ‘really ill’ stopped the consult to give me a (sugar free 👍) lolly when I was coughing at the end of a long day with lots of sniffling kiddies.




A Series of Unfortunate Events




A lovely painting I got for ‘mates rates’ after helping someone through a ‘series of unfortunate events’ (see the main picture!)




Needs banana for scale 🍌




3. A fantastic steak dinner cooked for me when I was spotted sneaking out of the practice clutching a bag of chips on a big on call night.






What little things have your patients done for you? 



Sunset at Glenelg



Take a moment to have a think and feel grateful – we really do have the best job in the world!  👍


Dr Nick Tellis is passionate about great general practice. He’s a proud GP, beachside Adelaide practice owner, and a happy new father. He blogs at when not administrating on GPDU.


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