Today I am leaving my hat at the door – Dr Nicole Higgins

GPs wear many hats…sometimes we take them off 👍🏼


I have a thing for Trilby’s. Old school. Usually pre-loved. I have quite a collection.

Wearing multiple hats becomes more common as we move up in the decision-making places of our careers. The good news – this creates a tapestry of knowledge and a depth of understanding, but it also increases the risks and conflicts of interest. One must become adept at treading lightly and not stepping on toes. Sometimes it feels like I am doing a clumsy ballet wearing steel cap boots.

We are more likely to find people in multiple roles when those people become important to organisations or groups due to their connections, skills and specific knowledge. That is exactly where potential conflicts of interest can do the most harm but also create an environment of collaboration. The difficulty is how to manage those real or perceived conflicts with transparency, openness and care. The challenge is how…

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