MyHR…. opt out, opt in or just ignore?

Dr Raines gives another perspective on My Health Record!

Mark Raines

In case you haven’t heard, you will have to decide whether you want to opt-out of the Government My Health Record (MyHR) before the 15 October 2018 or you will be have one created for you.

MyHR is a great idea.

MyHR allows your GP to write a shared health summary and collates data from a disparate number of sources. These will eventually include blood tests, radiology reports, medication and allergy lists and discharge summaries. It is also a spot where track immunisations and keep your achievement diary!

I have one. For those living in North Queensland and the Blue Mountains you probably already have one too. Didn’t you recall getting a note from the Government that you could opt out about 2 years ago. Don’t worry a lot of people didn’t hear you had to either. I use MyHR for my patients several times a week. “I take those little blue…

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2 thoughts on “MyHR…. opt out, opt in or just ignore?

  1. How to upload YOUR Advance Care Directive :

    Uploading an Advance Care Planning Document to your My Health Record
    If you do not have a My Health Record, find out how to register here.

    Save your advance care planning document on your computer. It’s a good idea to include your name, date and the type of document in the PDF filename.
    If you have an electronic document, save it as a PDF on your computer.
    If you have a paper document, scan it and save it as a PDF on your computer. Please check that it is no larger than 21 MB. You may need to scan the document in black and white rather than colour, to reduce the size.
    Log in to your My Health Record through myGov.
    From the ‘Documents’ tab, click the ‘Advance Care Planning’.
    Click the ‘Add an Advance Care Planning Document’ link.
    Scroll down to the document upload section.
    Click ‘Browse’ and browse to the document saved in step 1.
    Enter the date that the document was last updated.
    Enter the given name, family name and contact number of the person who wrote the document – this would normally be you.
    Click the ‘Next’ button to upload the document. The document will be uploaded and displayed.
    Check that you have uploaded the correct document, it is around the right way and all pages are included. If you are happy for the document to be added to your My Health Record click the ‘Save’ button and then click the ‘Ok’ button. (Otherwise, if there are any problems with the document, click the ‘Cancel’ button and fix the problems in the PDF. Then go back to step 3.)
    To add the contact details of your Advance Care Document Custodian(s), click the ‘Add a Custodian’ button.
    Enter the names and contact details of the people you have shared the document with (your advance care document custodians). Click the ‘Save’ button when finished.


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