Partridge Street General Practice has better options for your pain – 1

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that prescribers avoid opioids for most chronic pain.

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Partridge Street General Practice is proud to be a low prescriber of opioids, narcotics, and other medications that have NOT been shown to be effective and safe. We will be happy to discuss better options with you right here.

Our team – here for You!

Dr Nick Tellis

Your Specialist In Life

Dr Nick Mouktaroudis

dr nick mouktaroudis at Partridge Street General Practice

Dr Gareth Boucher

dr gareth boucher

Dr Penny Massy-Westropp

Dr Penny Massy-Westropp

Dr Monika Moy

Dr Monika Moy

Dr Abby Mudford

dr abby mudford at Partridge Street General Practice3

Dr Chrissy Psevdos

dr chrissy psevdos at Partridge Street General Practice

Dr Katherine Astill

(on Maternity Leave from August 2018)

Dr Katherine Astill 1

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