Sharing some resources on COVID 19 & Pregnancy

Pregnancy. COVID19. Both big things!

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Mark Raines

Information for Mothers

Raising Children Network

Health Direct

Queenland Health

Video from Associate Professor Rebecca Kimble, Clinical Advisor – Obstetrics and Gynaecology explains what you need to know if you or a family member is pregnant at this time of COVID-19.

Maternity flavoured blogs from Dr Wendy Burton at Maternity Maters and GP-Can

Photograph: Anthony Wallace/AFP via Getty Images

For Health care providers

Queensland Health

Perinatal care of suspected or confirmed COVID-19 pregnant women from Queensland Health. (26 March 2020)

Royal Australian & New Zealand Collage of Obesteriucs & Gynaecology 

Royal Collage of Obesterics & Gynaecology

American College Obstetrics and Gynecologists


National Perinatal Association


Cochrane gynaecology and fertility – includes a spreadsheet summary of published papers

Podcasts to listen to

Two podcasts about COVID in Pregnancy by Penny Wilson, MD and Heidi James.

Covid-19: how does it affect pregnancy? Sarah Boseley speaks to Prof Sonja…

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