Body Shaming

We all know that COVID19 is around. Luckily in SA we have stuck to

Social Distancing
Hand Washing
Cough Etiquette

And so we have the following stats!

July 8 – well done so far SA

But those extra pounds and kilos have snuck in where even COVID19 hasn’t reached. PartridgeGP is here to help and therefore we posted this on our Facebook page:

Facebook – 13 July

The text was as follows:

Has a little isoweight crept on, even before the #secondwave ?
@partridgegp has you covered! 👍🏼

> diet and exercise help
> physiotherapy to keep you moving
> medication advice

Movement Theory

Rod Ventura providing awesome #physiotherapy and all of our GPs below

Call 8295 3200 or

Dr Monika Moy
Dr Penny Massy-Westropp
Dr Nikhil Tamminedi
Dr Zoe Teh
Dr Nick Mouktaroudis
Dr Phil Maddocks
Dr Gareth Boucher
Dr Nick Tellis


We’re here to serve you during this difficult time as we always have
To make a phone appointment click here or call us on 8295 3200

So we tried to boost this post, but Facebook said no. It was body shaming!!! Well, we shall post here and see what you think. Leave your messages in the comments!

To be or not to be?

PartridgeGP and Dr Nick Tellis are Here to Help – here are three ways we can do this:

1. You’re a patient and you want a Great GP! Make a booking online for Dr Nick or one of the caring GPs at PartridgeGP by clicking right here!

2. You’re a great GP or Allied Health Professional and you want a practice that will provide you with the awesome services, facilities, and team so you can serve patients to the best of your ability. Say hi Dr Nick Tellis (Facebook) or LinkedIn or call Mrs Hayley Roberts on 08 8295 3200

3. You’re a small business owner looking to network and grow your amazing business. Touch base with Dr Nick Tellis (Facebook) or LinkedIn and we will share a socially distanced coffee (or three)!

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