‘No man is an island’, wrote John Donne in 1624. It’s as true today as it was then; perhaps more so in our connected world and economy. Australia is a wealthy island and arguably the best place in the world at any time, and especially during a pandemic. COVID-19 has been to health what the GFC was to the economy in 2008-9. How do we move forward? Jeremy Irons’ character in Margin Call gives three ways: ‘Be first, be smartest, or cheat. I don’t cheat and it’s a hell of a lot easier to be first than smartest’.

Not Jeremy Irons

Australia has benefitted from being a wealthy island and we have been spared from the mortality and morbidity of COVID-19. We can see India struggling with this now (click here to help them out!). How can we move forward? Dr Nick Coatsworth, moving on from his widely quoted ‘make your bed‘, says vaccination. Like me, he thinks zeroism is a false god. Like me, he thinks voluntary vaccination is the way to go. What will that take?

Completing the vaccination program in 2021 is plausible, but GPs say additional funding and delivering mRNA vaccines will be crucial to utilising general practice’s ‘untapped capacity’. PartridgeGP is part of this push and you can book your vaccinations right here.

Many of you may have concerns about the vaccines; here is some reading and I will get some more information up in the next couple of days. Let’s get open and move forwards!

PartridgeGP works with you to help you make your best health decisions, and we won’t back away from being your companion, guide, advisor, and sounding board through your health journey. We pride ourselves on great communication and we’re ready to share our professional skills and knowledge with you. This is only MORE important now with new vaccines here to END the pandemic. The way forward is clear: make your appointment with us conveniently online right here – or call our friendly reception team on 82953200.

Better, for you.

Want more?

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For everyone, we believe that having a usual GP or General Practice is central to each person’s care and recommend that people with any health issues that come to the attention of other health professionals should be advised to attend their usual GP or General Practice rather than a specialised service (ie a place not providing the holistic care a specialist GP would).   If  they say that they don’t have a usual GP or general practice, they should be helped to find one and to actually attend it. Call PartridgeGP on 82953200 or make an appointment online here.

(Hat tip: Dr Oliver Frank)

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If you’re employed, get a side hustle and get into business. If you’ve already got a business, get a network. Want to get started? Find your tribe here!

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If you are a great GP or a great Allied Health Professional, and you want to serve your clients or patients to the best of your ability, without worrying about all the non clinical things that get in your way, lets talk. Call Mrs Hayley Roberts on 8295 3200 and have a coffee and chat with us as to how PartridgeGP can help you to help others.

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