Put your Money where your Mouth is #LCHF #running

Using ‘bro’ makes you leaner and stronger

Partridge Street General Practice is all about Health not sickness, so I’m taking a week off for some rest and relaxation! I’ll be running the 10km Dolphin Run on my break while the rest of our Team will be here to Help You. Let’s see how #LCHF and #running go together! 🍳⚡️🏃

Run Nick, Run!

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Put up or shut up is a common call these days. We also ask people to put their money where their mouths are. Surely if it doesn’t work for them or they can’t show that it works, we shouldn’t do as they ask us to do. Putting my money where my mouth was in the past led to a lot of eating!


Let’s look at where I’ve come from here. This shows a weight of 96.7kg just after Christmas 2015. It also shows a DEXA scan previous to that (weight 93kg). Let’s see some exercise evidence before we get to the new scan!

winter morning runs hurt
afternoon runs are much better
running between thunderstorms is best

Luckily, no pictures exist of my time in the gym over the weekend. The interest may not be ready for the language I used upon meeting the heavy weights for the first time in a while. Even using the magic word – ‘bro’ – didn’t help. Enough stalling, where’s the July 2016 DEXA and weight?


you can see the weight loss
and here’s the lost fat you can’t see
That is 13kg down from Christmas 2015, with nearly half a kilo less visceral fat (fat that accumulates around the abdominal organs – important in the development of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes). This is with exercise and yes, a lot of the weight loss predates a formal ultra low carb diet, but I’m very heartened by these results. Let’s see how the next few weeks go!


July 2016 DEXA

Thanks to Adelaide Bodyscan for the DEXA imaging – feel free to head over there and see how you measure up (tell them I sent you!). If you liked this, check some previous #LCHF posts out here:

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Dr Gareth Boucher, Dr Ali Waddell, Dr Emmy Bauer, and Dr Nick Mouktaroudis – all Here to Help!

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Go Forth (Low Carb Week 4)

As promised, some body composition data!

Also Before

This week has seen an improvement in eating. The eggs are making a regular appearance at lunch and breakfast has not been missed. My cough has gone, energy is high and I’ve had some good runs and solid gym sessions. I’ve even run down some Pokemons!

So how’s it going? What’s happening with weight, waist, and fat? Well…

Next Week

You’ll see next week!

Check out previous weeks here, here, and here, or see the real thing at Partridge Street General Practice here! Until next week…

Return of the Carb (Week Three)

It’s been a tough week. My holidays finished and I returned to work, full of ideas and energy. However, plans rarely survive their first meeting with reality and some carbs crept back in…

My preciousssss….

My eggs sat in the fridge while I snuck away for a secret rendezvous with forbidden carbs. A few illicit meals later and the carbs had stolen my energy away. I fought back and vanquished the carbs with a little overeating…

not quite this bad…
As the end of the week approached, I got back into low carb mode, and gave myself a boost by getting back into some exercise. A run and 3 tonnes of weights later and I’m back on track!

The Run I Needed

I’m looking forward to the upcoming week (you can see previous weeks here and here) and this will be the week where the rubber hits the road. Yes, I will be posting some weight and body composition details! 

Big things are coming
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#Carbexit – Week 2 (The Eggpire Strikes Back)

It’s week two and time for an update. How’s it all going? The running is going well and the gym hasn’t hit me back – yet! It’s been easy to stick to low carb with only one little relapse.





Conventional wisdom says breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I suspect that’s true for the majority of people. I’ve found that breakfast is great for me but lunch is a problem.




(Coffee is never a problem)



Working at PartridgeGP, I have all types of tasty foods available to me on Jetty Road Glenelg. The problem is so many choices mean too many opportunities to overeat and too many poor (but delicious) food choices after a busy morning. I had a think and this is what I came up with.






Eggsactly. I will have breakfast at lunch and reduce my poor food choices. It’ll also reduce the running around at lunch wondering what to eat. I should be feeling great with loads of morning energy for when I’m back at work next week.

See you next week with more improvements to come! If you liked this, go back and revisit Week 1, or even say hi here!



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Leaner, fitter, stronger, faster, and healthier. Low carb promises all of this and more. Does it deliver? Let’s see!

Take one willing subject. 

Premedicate with some exercise

Get some specialist advice

Add some incentive. 

(Some carbs were harmed in the making of this photo)

And set a target to beat – 53.30 for 12kms (2009)

Then get moving!

Update next week!

In the meantime, I’ll be working hard at Partridge Street General Practice


In 2005, I turned 30. I was fat, and had been fat for the better part of 10 years. I had put on 6kg a year throughout university and had carried this into my working life. I had a sedentary job, did little or no exercise, ate everything that moved slower than me, and enjoyed a drink. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here’s one I prepared earlier.



fat doctor nick running weight loss
fat not phat



Looking at this picture after the event moved me from contemplation to determination. I had the knowledge and the ability to lose weight – now I had to do it. Action was needed. In my experience, this is where people fall down. There is plenty of information and advice out there, and plenty of people are willing to help you. Many think about doing things, fewer talk about doing things, and fewer still actually do things. Just do it!



there is no try



I decided to take some time off in 2006, after 6 years of solid work. I started to move more – I walked, took the stairs, and got up during the day. I cut down my television and reduced my portion sizes. I resolved to drink on social occasions and not at home. I could not run – I got out of breath jogging to my door. I found a local lake, and ran/walked from lamp post to lamp post around it, daily. I set myself the goal of running the City to Bay (12 kilometres) that year, and had a bet with my work colleagues, with the proceeds going to charity. You may have noticed that all of these sentences start with ‘I’. It’s bad writing but a good example – it all started and finished with me. I couldn’t buy health, fitness, and weight loss, I couldn’t pay someone else to do it for me – I had to do it.



sep 2006 102
something to crow about



I lost nearly 15 kilos for the City to Bay 2006 and ran it in just under 90 minutes at just over 100 kilos. A good start. There was more work to be done. I continued to run and go to the gym, but my next leap forward was to associate more with like minded people. I was talking more about running and exercise, and people could see the changes. People (and patients) started talking to me about what they were doing. My City to Bay time in 2007 was around 75 minutes, at around 95 kilos. There was still progress – but it had slowed. I’d already plucked the ‘low hanging fruit’ and further progress was going to get harder. However, I now had a support group of friends, colleagues, patients, and family to help me move on. I then joined a Bootcamp group – making friends that I have to this day. This added activity to my week, and allowed me to reach the next level. My 2008 City to Bay time came down to 65 minutes. What next?



glenelg classic 10km jan 2009
glenelg 10km 2009



When you start trying to improve yourself, you attract like minded individuals, and I was lucky enough to have one such person literally walk in my door at work. She knows who she is so I won’t embarrass her here, but she took me under her wing and decided to train me to run marathons.



dr nick melbourne marathon
hi doctor nick
gold coast marathon 2009
fresh as a daisy
GOR ultra 2010
ultra shorts



Despite some fairly ordinary fashion sense and my shorts trying to migrate to unmentionable areas, I think I can declare the experiment a success! I’m continuing to train, continuing to run, and looking forward to this years Adelaide Marathon and City to Bay. Take control, take action, and write your own story! 😎



180 deadlift



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