Body Shaming

We all know that COVID19 is around. Luckily in SA we have stuck to

Social Distancing
Hand Washing
Cough Etiquette

And so we have the following stats!

July 8 – well done so far SA

But those extra pounds and kilos have snuck in where even COVID19 hasn’t reached. PartridgeGP is here to help and therefore we posted this on our Facebook page:

Facebook – 13 July

The text was as follows:

Has a little isoweight crept on, even before the #secondwave ?
@partridgegp has you covered! 👍🏼

> diet and exercise help
> physiotherapy to keep you moving
> medication advice

Movement Theory

Rod Ventura providing awesome #physiotherapy and all of our GPs below

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So we tried to boost this post, but Facebook said no. It was body shaming!!! Well, we shall post here and see what you think. Leave your messages in the comments!

To be or not to be?

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PartridgeGP | Telehealth | COVID19 | Physical Examination

We all want to provide great general practice care. Most of this comes from time, curiosity, and interest in our patients. When we turn our attention and medical skills to their problems and issues we do better work.

Physical examination has been around since antiquity and is a useful adjunct to taking a great history. Much like over investigating, physical examination is not always needed.

General practice is so much more than compliance and paperwork.

So much can be pared away to reveal the essence of what we do.

In the time of #COVID19, perhaps we can chip away to reveal our statues of David rather than be inflexible blocks of government marble.

More ideas here!

Another set of thoughts, better expressed…

It’s time for emergency physicians to put away our stethoscopes

By Jeremy Samuel Faust

Since 1986, federal law has mandated that any patient requesting emergency medical care must be evaluated by a physician to assess for any threatening conditions. The law, often referred to as the “anti-dumping law,” requires that physicians perform a medical screening evaluation, including a physical examination.

Over time, the interpretation of this mandate has slowly expanded, not by law so much as by custom. This is why emergency rooms have become our nation’s safety net for care. Despite increasing popularity of urgent-care clinics and telehealth, many patients who could have safely been cared for elsewhere still end up in emergency rooms.

While many of us embrace that mission with pride, it is dangerous and wasteful in the coronavirus pandemic. We need to course-correct to keep everyone safe. Exposing patients to emergency rooms is now far riskier than it was before. In turn, health-care workers must assume that all patients are infected. This forces us to blow through personal protective equipment that we desperately need so that we do not become infected ourselves.

Over the past few decades, we have learned that many, if not most, of our physical examination maneuvers provide little reliable information. In most cases, the information we need can be obtained simply by interviewing patients. But old habits die hard, and patients seem to love our stethoscopes. In our current situation, that simply won’t do.

We need the federal government to allow us to perform medical screening exams via video or through glass doors, even for patients entering emergency rooms. The removal of the requirement that we evaluate every patient by hand will save resources and keep everyone safer.

In recent meetings and phone calls with stakeholders, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has signaled that it is seriously considering making this change. But it has not materialized, and time is of the essence. The moment to act is now.

Jeremy Samuel Faust is an emergency physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the Division of Health Policy and Public Health, and an instructor at Harvard Medical School.

Coronavirus 101 | PartridgeGP

The pandemic is here. This is what we can all do:

Watch a short video!

Wash your hands! Soap and water and 20 seconds if you can, alcohol hand sanitiser is second best.

Don’t touch your face! Dr George Forgan-Smith demonstrates in the short video at the link…and goes further with…

Social distancing. Try and stay 1-1.5m away from people. Don’t hug, kiss, shake hands…and DON’T do group meetings / big gatherings. These will soon be cancelled (Monday, if over 500 people) but really, it starts with you!

Dr George demonstrating cough etiquette and social distancing!

Cough into your elbow and clean your phone! Both of these will limit spread of those little virus particles!

Now that you’ve cleaned your phone, and are practicing your social distancing, USE the phone. Telehealth is here via your phone, no special equipment needed.


Great advice if you’re unwell, good advice just for day to day. Call PartridgeGP on 08 82953200 for a phone appointment!

So remember

Wash Your Hands

Wash. Your. Hands.

Don’t Touch Your Face

Social Distancing

Social distancing works

Clean Your Phone

Use Your Phone

Stay Safe and Good Luck!

Some more videos and links below:

What is Your GP trying to do about this?

What about kids and schools?

What about the elderly?

What about my specialist appointment?

Thanks to:

Dr George Forgan-Smith

Dr Todd Cameron

Dr Chien-Wen Liew

Dr Sachin Patel

And please share this to all your friends and family