Sore Throats at Partridge Street General Practice

Spring is here but it has been a big flu season at Partridge Street General Practice!




What should you do when you have a cough, cold, or sore throat?


This may have helped before getting ill…



Here’s some information:



Do I have the flu?




Should I be on antibiotics?




My ear is sore?




Should I be immunised?




How do I stay healthier?



Any other ways to stay healthier?



Got anything else?




And, of course, What should I do instead?



There’s a new paper, at the link, saying this:




steroids in sore throat at Partridge Street General Practice




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Dr Gareth Boucher



Dr Penny Massy-Westropp



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Welcoming Dr Penny Massy-Westropp to Partridge Street General Practice


Dr Penny undertook her medical training at the University of Adelaide prior to travelling to the UK to complete a Diploma in Anaesthetics. She then worked in WA & SA while completing Fellowship in General Practice. Bringing 21 years of GP experience to Partridge Street General Practice, she also has an ongoing commitment to Indigenous health with regular visits to remote NT communities.




She loves the local Glenelg area and is keen to hit the ground running with the rest of our Great Team here at Partridge Street!










We look forward to having Dr Penny Massy-Westropp as part of our growing Clinical Team and sharing her experience with us and our valued patients.








Professional. Comprehensive. Empowering.





See just how we do it here.



Dr Gareth Boucher



Dr Penny Massy-Westropp



Dr Monika Moy



Dr Katherine Astill



Dr Nick Mouktaroudis



Dr Nick Tellis


Welcoming Dr Monika Moy to Partridge Street General Practice


Dr Monika Moy graduated from the University of Adelaide in 1991 and after training in various Adelaide hospitals and general practices, completed her general practice qualification in 1996.



Dr Monika has particular interests in preventive health, women’s health and contraception and is trained to insert and remove the Implanon contraceptive device.



She is accredited for Obstetric Shared Care which involves providing part of a patient’s pregnancy care in conjunction with public hospitals and particularly enjoys this aspect of her practice.



Dr Monika is enthusiastic about explaining her patients’ conditions to them so that they have a better understanding of their health.




Special interests:


Women’s Health including contraception and menopause


Chronic disease management


Cardiovascular (heart disease) risk factor reduction





Dr Monika Moy






We are very excited to have Dr Monika Moy share her experience and skills with our valued patients as part of our growing Clinical Team!








Professional. Comprehensive. Empowering.



See just how we do it here.



Dr Gareth Boucher



Dr Penny Massy-Westropp



Dr Monika Moy



Dr Katherine Astill



Dr Nick Mouktaroudis



Dr Nick Tellis

Welcoming Dr Katherine Astill to Partridge Street General Practice

Dr Katherine Astill Partridge Street General Practice new female registrar



Dr Katherine Astill commenced her specialist General Practice training with Partridge Street General Practice in August 2017. She graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia in 2009 and furthered her education with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from Deakin University in 2013. After holding positions with the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, she has decided to specialise in General Practice, with a special interest in Women’s and Children’s Health completing her Diploma of Child Health in 2016.
Dr Katherine has a passion for holistic care and preventative health.




She loves the local Glenelg area and is keen to hit the ground running with the rest of our Great Team here at Partridge Street!









Partridge Street General Practice is an accredited General Practice and is further accredited by our Regional General Practice Training Provider GPEx.




This means that the GPs at Partridge Street General Practice are teaching the Doctors and Medical Students who will be the future of medicine in Australia. It’s a big responsibility and a privilege we take very seriously.




Teaching Practice of the Year



All of our doctors here at Partridge Street General Practice are fully qualified ‘Fellows’ (or are studying towards this) holding a specialist qualification with either the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) or the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (FACRRM) or both (3-4 years of full time study and 3 exams on top of an undergraduate university medical degree and supervised trainee ‘intern’ year in a hospital). This is our minimum specialist standard and we may have other qualifications and skills.




Our Fellows provide supervision and advice to our Registrars and you may find that they are called in to consult with the Registrar on your case. ‘Registrars’ are qualified doctors who have completed their hospital training and are now embarking on their General Practice training. Some may already have other qualifications in medical or other fields.
We also supervise and teach Medical Students from Flinders University. They are still studying to become doctors. All of us – Fellows, Registrars, and Medical Students – make up the Clinical Team here at Partridge Street General Practice with our excellent Practice Nurses. We all uphold the highest standards of privacy, confidentiality, professionalism, and clinical practice.




Dr Katherine Astill is a valuable member of our growing Clinical Team!





Dr Katherine Astill 1.png




Professional. Comprehensive. Empowering.





Dr Gareth Boucher



Dr Penny Massy-Westropp



Dr Monika Moy



Dr Katherine Astill



Dr Nick Mouktaroudis



Dr Nick Tellis


5 Things About Low Carb

On the 25th of June this year, I started a little experiment. I was a Guinea Pig. I felt my chubby cheeks and willingness to run around made me a good choice of test subject. 

Great teaching award, but work to be done!

I got some advice
I did some exercise.
I measured some things
I ran a little bit. 

Along the way I made some connections, raised a little money for charity, drank lots of coffee, worked hard, and had fun. 

Coffee and Website

What have I learned?

1. Exercise for mental health and to do things (walk up a hill, explore a new place, move furniture). Your basal metabolic rate goes down as you age and you tend to eat the same amount (or more) and your exercise is generally less vigorous. 

Exercise – sometimes it hurts!

2. Weight loss comes from your diet. Don’t kid yourselves. See 1. above. I’ve run faster before but with far more training. My time in this years City to Bay was based on weight loss not kilometres of training.


3. Sugar is addictive and unequivocally bad for you. Sugar crashes hurt. I have nothing good to say about sugar. 

Water – still best for you

4. Routine works. During the time I was watching my diet and trying to train, life tried to get in the way. If you don’t make time to train it won’t happen. No excuses. 

5. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 
I had a ball working all of these things out, but my main passion in life is Partridge Street General Practice. If you’re thinking of seeing us as a patient or aspire to working here and being part of an awesome team, say hi right here!

Run Forrest, Run!

‘Ear all about it – #justaGP

Remember, we’re still OPEN as normal, even with the tramworks! Bookings right HERE!

You may have heard recently that GPs are blowing out the budget bottom line. I know it’s hard to hear me over the noise of another politician’s helicopter ride but bear with me. GPs train for over 10 years to get where they are, and where they are is here for You. So, to avoid us all draining the nation’s funds before the next round of politicians drinking games, here’s some free information!


It’s a horrible thing when your little person is inconsolable with a sore ear. I’ve seen so many parents turn up after dark with an unhappy child in tow, at their wits end. Do they need antibiotics? It turns out the answer is generally no. Have some pain relievers on hand – Paracetamol or Ibuprofen – and you’ll get through the night. Look at the statistics below with only 5% of earaches (Acute Otitis Media – AOM) improving with antibiotics. 

Five Per Cent

Here’s a handy little chart!

Source : the excellent Royal Childrens Hospital

So stock up, save some money, and relax. If you’re still worried, Your GP is here at Partridge Street General Practice and Your After Hours GP is here

Take care, see us if you need us!

Partridge Street General Practice – Here to Help

One more Sleep

Good luck to all the runners (and walkers)!


Sponsor/fund Zaidi Ya Dreams here

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Competition…Together (Week 8 of #LCHF)

Working Together

As you all know, I’ll be running in this years City to Bay as one of my goals in my LCHF journey. I was recently privileged to be at GP Supervisor training organised by GPEx and, in addition to some great education and training, it was a great opportunity to catch up with some of my fellow GPs in Glenelg. Dr Lane Hinchcliffe owns The Health Hub and Dr Jennie Wright is the driving force behind Bayside Family Medical and Musculoskeletal Practice, both at Glenelg. Dr Jennie has been supporting  the Zaidi Ya Dreams orphanage in Kenya for many years and is currently raising money to continue this. Being the competitive yet collaborative people we are…

Game On!
Feel free to pledge some money towards this worthy cause – you can do so by contacting Bayside, the Health Hub, or Partridge Street General Practice or right here!

Can’t wait!

We don’t see alcohol as the problem; it’s a solution

Another thought provoking article! 
Is alcohol improving your life? 
Start a conversation with one of the GPs at Partridge Street General Practice – we’re here to help. 

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Doctor's bag

alcohol sponsorship Sport has survived the ban on cigarette sponsorship; why wouldn’t it survive an alcohol ban? Images: Daily Mail Australia and The Courier Mail

Not long ago I attended my first AA meeting. Before you get the wrong idea: The event was organised to give health professionals a better understanding of the important work Alcoholics Anonymous does.

During lunch, one of the organisers said to me: “You doctors keep referring to alcohol as the ‘problem’, but alcoholics see it as a ‘solution’. That’s a major source of misunderstanding.” It was one of the lessons I was hoping to take away from the meeting.

The reason I attended is the number of alcohol related problems I see in my practice. Not a day goes by without hearing personal tragedies caused by booze. And what’s worrying: all ages are affected. The National Drug Strategy Household Survey found that about five million Australians aged…

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Partridge Street General Practice and Jetty Road

Jetty Rd – A Great Place to Visit

It’s the last day of Winter and Jetty Road is gearing up for a big summer. Partridge Street General Practice is doing the same, with plenty of exciting things in the works:

new doctors

– running in the City to Bay

– some renovations

– more Great care for our Great Patients!

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Proud to be part of the Jetty Road Community

Have a Great Summer and remember:

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We’re here for you!