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Licencing SA during the pandemic.

General Practice is the greatest vocation there is. Every day GPs are proud to use their skills and training to help their patients have better health and better lives. It’s incredibly rewarding for us and our patients (and the statistics!) show that it’s rewarding full stop.

Recently, Dr Tim Senior answered the question ‘Do we even need Doctors?‘. He concluded that GPs ‘know what to do when we don’t know what to do. And I can’t think of any other profession we can say that about’. So let’s have a look at a topic where GPs have to make hard decisions when we don’t know what we have to do.

Big Australia!

Australia has an aging population and Australia is big. Really big! Driving and Australia go together like Vegemite and Toast! What do we do when aging drivers see their GP and we make a diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment or Dementia?

What are the GP’s responsibilities?

Here is the excellent Dr Genevieve Yates with a very personal and professional view on the matter.

Here is another excellent video from Professor Joe Ibrahim.

In South Australia we have clear(er) guidelines on Fitness to Drive, with Mandatory Reporting and the associated safeguards for GPs who report patients they believe to be impaired. It’s still a hard decision. For example, just look at Kate Swaffer who has been diagnosed with dementia. What would you do?

Tough Decisions

What would I do? I’m not sure. Every patient is different and that’s one of the reasons why General Practice is, as I said above, the best vocation in the world. GPs will keep learning every day of their professional lives to serve their patients better. My advice to patients is to See Your GP, your best source of information, advice, and support for all of those hard decisions, when you don’t know what to do.

We’re Here to Help.

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GPs, MPs, and BS: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Today I read another great piece from Dr Edwin Kruys (here) about revalidation of doctors, specifically GPs. I won’t repeat his points as he has made them very eloquently but I will add a few of my own. The public don’t seem to be clamouring for revalidation of doctors. They don’t seem to be particularly worried about their GPs taking advantage of the system. They do, however, seem to be worried about politicians’ incompetence and rorting.




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So, if, as Edwin writes, only 1.5% of GPs are doing the wrong thing, and the public is not too concerned about this, and the watchmen – the politicians and their ilk – are performing at much lower standards of probity, how is revalidation going to help?



Quis custodiet ipsos custodes – Who watches the watchmen? You do. Our valued patients at Partridge Street General Practice will tell us if we’re not meeting their expectations. You can tell us here, here, here, and even here! You can see what we’re up to here and here. We are answerable to you – do your research, do your reading, check we’re registered – and book in here!


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