2020 is past, long live 2021

2020. It’s been a year. Many people are seeking to consign it to the dustbin of history.

For some, it’s been a great year, for others, a horrible year.

Regardless we should move into 2021 reflecting on, recognizing, appreciating and applying the (most oftentimes, hard) lessons from 2021.

Don’t disregard 2020. Lets learn from it.

My takeaways:

Gratitude – I have had so much to be grateful for this year, and I’m still here at the end of it – as are you all.

Family – so easy to forget – and yet when we were forced to isolate, so hard to forget.

Human Connection – see above, who else has Zoom fatigue?

Work – the dignity of work is often forgotten but it was highlighted this year when many peoples jobs evaporated by necessity or decree.

So where to in 2021?

Firstly, for everyone, I believe that having a usual GP or General Practice is central to each person’s care and recommend that people with any health issues that come to the attention of other health professionals should be advised to attend their usual GP or General Practice rather than a specialised service (ie a place not providing the holistic care a specialist GP would).   If  they say that they don’t have a usual GP or general practice, they should be helped to find one and to actually attend it.

(Hat tip: Dr Oliver Frank)

(TL;DR – Get a regular GP or General Practice and use them!)

Secondly, if you’re employed, get a side hustle and get into business. If you’ve already got a business, get a network. Want to get started? Find your tribe here!

Thirdly, if you are a great GP or a great Allied Health Professional, and you want to serve your clients or patients to the best of your ability, without worrying about all the non clinical things that get in your way, lets talk. Call Mrs Hayley Roberts on 8295 3200 and have a coffee and chat as to how PartridgeGP can help you to help others.

Last but not least, Happy New Year! A little bit of light reading for your holiday break. 2020 was certainly a window of opportunity for me. I hope you find, see, and seize your windows of opportunity in 2021!