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Flu season is here!




What should you do when you have a cough, cold, or sore throat?



This may have helped before getting ill…



Here’s some information:



Do I have the flu?




Should I be on antibiotics?




My ear is sore?




Should I be immunised?




How do I stay healthier?



Any other ways to stay healthier?



Got anything else?




And, of course, What should I do instead?



There’s a new paper, at the link, saying this:




steroids in sore throat at Partridge Street General Practice




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Winter Is Coming but it does Snot mean Antibiotics

The sun is hiding for more of the day and our noses are running more than our feet. Does this mean a trip to the GP for antibiotics?


Everyone should have a great family doctor – and that should be a Specialist GP (or a doctor training to be a Specialist GP!). Having a regular specialist GP working with you means fewer trips to hospital, fewer unnecessary medications, and generally better health overall.




The excellent Dr Michael Tam, from the UNSW School of Public Health and Community Medicine, says no. 

“The presence of green snot … does not indicate that you need antibiotics,” Dr Tam said. “Green nasal discharge is most commonly due to a viral infection of the nasal mucosa — basically, the common cold.”

So relax, get your sleep, wash your hands, cover your mouth when coughing, eat well, and avoid those little 💊💊💊 whenever possible.

Dr David Hooper, Dr Clare MacKillop, and Dr Jen Becker are some of our GPs here at PartridgeGP. Say hi anytime!